In 1983, the series of conferences of the 15th Episcopal District took a resolution that because of the vastness of the area it be divided into two episcopal districts.

At the time, the 15th Episcopal district had 7 annual conferences

  1. The West Transvaal Annual Conference
  2. The Cape Annual Conference
  3. The East Transvaal Annual Conference
  4. The Orangia Transvaal Annual Conference
  5. The Cape Midlands Annual Conference
  6. The DWA/Namibia Annual Conference
  7. The Natal Annual Conference

All of the above conferences voted unanimously for that division. This resolution was then taken to the Christian Education Congress and planning meeting which was held from the 28th-31st December 1983 at trinity A.M.E Church keelmanshorp, Pastored by Rev N.L Christians, Presiding Elder for verification and acceptance by the whole district. The committee was elected the and presented the bill to the planning meeting which in turn adopted the bill and forwarded to the General Secretary.

The division created new annual conferences for the two districts.

The new 19th Episcopal district consisted of the following conferences and their Presiding Elder Districts.

  1. The West Annual Conferences
    1. Greater Johannesburg
    2. Orlando District
    3. Potchefstroom District
    4. Mmabatho District
    5. Lichtenburg District
  2. The East Annual Conference
    1. Wilbeforce
    2. Vereeniging
    3. Germiston
    4. Witbank
    5. Ermelo
    6. Springs
  3. Orangia Annual Conference
    1. Goldfields District
    2. Bloemfontein
    3. Kroonstad
    4. Heilbron
    5. Bethlehem
  4. The North Annual Conference
    1. Pretoria District
    2. Pietersburg
    3. Warmbath
    4. Ga-Rankuwa (New)
    5. North-End
    6. Venda
  5. The Natal Annual Conference
    1. Durban District
    2. Pondoland
    3. Zululand

At the time of creation the membership of the 19th Episcopal District was 17000 within that resolution to divide was the understanding that the Wilberforce Institute and R R Wright should serve both district for the purpose of training of lay and clergy and that the AMEC Publishing and printing house in the 15th District should equally serve the 19th for the purpose of printing all the needs of the 19th as well.

This resolution was accepted and passed by the 42nd Session of the General Conference held in Kansas City in July 1984.

The historic event in that General Conference of 1984 was the election of Dr Harold Ben Senatle to be the 102nd Elected and consecrated Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal District and was assigned to the 18th Episcopal District and Bishop Hunter the 101 elected and consecrated Bishop of the A.M.E Church was assigned to the 19th Episcopal District. Bishop Hunter was called home to be with the Lord in January 1985 which led to Bishop Senatle being assigned to Preside over the 18th and 19th Episcopal districts.

The first project of Bishop Senatle was the building of the 19th Episcopal Head Quarters at 20 Phillip Street. The vision and dream was hatched at the Christian Education Congress and Planning meeting held at Iyanda Seminary (Secondary) in December 1985. Fund raising campaign started at the Planning meeting and championed by Dr Wilfred Novel Nduna who was the first 19th Episcopal District Lay President and former President of the 19th and former president of the 15th Episcopal district. The Project was completed, and the office was dedicated in Jan 1990 with the Senior Bishop Rt Rev John Hurst Adams preaching a great sermon entitled.

The other achievement of the 19th Episcopal District under the illustrious leadership was the building of the Wilberforce Community College with the funds from the S.A.D.A.

This district saw the assignments of the following bishops all with different gifts and abilities.

  1. Bishop Conrad Garnett Henning (1996 – 2000)
  2. Bishop Adam Jefferson Richardson (2000-2004)
  3. Bishop James Levert Davis (2004-2008)
  4. Bishop Nathaniel Jeffrey Leath (2008 to 2012)
  5. Bishop Paul Jones Mulenga Kawimbe (2012 to 2019)
  6. Bishop E. Earl McCloud, Jr.(2019 to 2021)
  7. Bishop Ronnie Elijah Brailsford. Sr. (2021 to date)